Exactly What Does an International "Solutions" Company Provide to Clients?

Cultural and language obstacles can be hard to overcome from eight time zones away. In addition, if just one element in the sales or marketing process is poorly handled, the American, European or Russian manufacturer will fail to gain its share of the overseas market.

We suggest it is easiest and best for a foreign company to find one trustworthy partner, one responsible point of contact to either perform this work themselves or find trusted subcontractors to do so. One such trustworthy partner is Muir Marketing Solutions International. Just think of us as your "insurance policy".

Typically we provide the following marketing services for clients:

  • market research
  • identify and contact strategic foreign partners
  • locate key customers/clients via our extended network
  • generate and develop leads
  • branding, public relations and other marketing communication

But other requests for business related services always seem to come along!
For example, over the years we have been asked to:

  • find financial sources (for alternative energy clients)
  • recommend legal specialists (for software companies)
  • locate and ship specialized equipment (by a scientific research group)
  • speak during a sales presentation for a tourist board (Caribbean Island)
    and finally

  • "baby sit" a child during a photo shoot! (by a Swedish breathing apparatus manufacturer)

Of Note

MoldovaDiscussing financing and strategic partnering for renewable energy project in Moldova

Diamond District
Key customers in New York's diamond district were connected to seller in Moscow