Russia/CIS - Россия/СНГ

Our work in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), as well as the ability to speak conversational Russian, puts us in ideal position to assist Russian/American business development. »


For more than twenty five years we have worked with successful B2B companies based in Europe to provide long term financial piece of mind for European management and their employees. »


Our work for U.S. companies has included clients in the following categories; alternative energy, hotel and travel, luxury auto, home furnishings, media, gift, sports and fitness, real estate and not-for-profit. »


The Need to Globalize

If a company does not grow, it will start shrinking. Regardless how good your product is, attrition is inevitable. The critical question is how to continually cultivate your current customer database as well as reach key new customers.

One choice is to compete over the limited number of potential customers in the domestic market.

The other choice is to effectively offer your product to foreign buyers. These are business people who are likely unaware of you and it is very possible your product may provide the advantage they need. Compared to domestic clients, foreign businesses are often thankful you made the effort to seek them out..