Although most of our work is for overseas manufacturers, we are very proud of our work for U.S. companies. This has included clients in the following categories; alternative energy, hotel and travel, luxury auto, home furnishings, media, gift, sports and fitness, real estate and not-for-profit.

Below are a few samples of our work for American companies:

RCM Digesters (biogas)

California, USA
Harold Marsh

The anaerobic digesting process converts all types of organic farm wastes into electricity, heat, natural gas and often a high quality liquid fertilizer. The farm waste "digested" can include such undesirable and unhealthy material as manure, slaughter house and food processing waste.

International finance and private investment companies in Europe and Asia love the renewable energy category. They expedite "green" projects and some even reserve a percentage of their total investments for such facilities. In addition, many European Union countries have specific regulations requiring the production of energy from renewable sources and offer special subsidies including the “green” energy tariff for electricity.

RCM ProcessAmerican technology is internationally respected and RCM Digesters of California is the most experienced U.S. manufacturer (Inc. 1982). The company recently contracted Muir Marketing Solutions to utilize its international business network and direct their business development throughout the vast Eurasian region

Luxury Auto Firm

Marsh Motors (Mercedes and BMW)
Connecticut, USA

Years ago Harold Marsh bought the New Haven County Mercedes Benz/BMW dealership. A new ad agency, Muir Advertising (later Muir Marketing Solutions Intl.), provided qualitative market research with the following results; the only real difference between competing luxury car dealers was perceived to be service – and the existing reputation of the dealership was.....not good.

Harold Marsh
Above: Harold Marsh a Mercedes and a BMW photographed on Connecticut's historic shoreline

Our young company then created a mixed media "Serious About Service" campaign which included series of personal, one to one, radio messages with Marsh himself as the "new dealer in town", promising a personal commitment to service. Deadly serious comments such as "a stain on the carpet is unacceptable" and "our mission is to provide quality service" blanketed the airways.

As a result, people who didn't even own a Mercedes or BMW became convinced the Marsh service department "performed at a perfect level" and over a four year period gross sales nearly tripled.

NewAir - Regional Airline in Northeast USA




Years ago Muir was involved with marketing airlines including a complete b2c program for NewAir, a regional airline in the northeast, USA. Branding and positioning were created utilizing radio, television, magazine, newspaper and billboards placed on the Northeast's largest Interstate highway, I-95.

Since independent regional airlines feed major carriers, both TWA and Eastern Airlines provided funding to Muir for cooperative advertising with NewAir.

Note: Muir later used its experience with TWA and Eastern to involve BWIA (British West Indies Airlines) in a cooperative marketing program for one of its Caribbean resort clients. Muir assembled a team consisting of a printer, photographer and regional radio network along with BWIA to help its resort client establish itself on a little known island, St. Kitts. A brochure created from this cooperation earned Muir the Caribbean Hotel Association’s annual award for outstanding brochure.

Hotels and Travel Companies in the USA and Caribbean

Tourism Marketing
Above: Catamaran and model on the island of St. Kitts on the Caribbean Island of Saint Kitts

Above: Photo shoot for Crowne Plaza property outside New York

Many hotels and resorts depend on tourist dollars from the Northeast US. We live in this geographic region and understand first hand what motivates the tourist market.

We provided full agency services or project solutions for the following hotel and travel clients:

Partial Client List (Hotels)
Blue Marlin (Belize)
Cinnamon Reef (Anguilla)
Cobblers Cove (Barbados)
Copper Beech Inn (Connecticut, USA)
Crowne Plaza (Connecticut, USA)
Frigate Bay Beach (St. Kitts)
Leeward Cove (St. Kitts)
Le Grande St. Martin (St. Martin)
Oualie Beach (Nevis)
Passanngrahan (Sint Maarten)

Miscellaneous Travel
New Air (regional airline)
Leeward Island Charters (open ocean catamarans)
Brimstone Hill (National Park)


Russia/CIS - Россия/СНГ
Our work in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), as well as the ability to speak conversational Russian, puts us in ideal position to assist Russian/American business development. »

For more than twenty five years we have worked with successful B2B companies based in Europe to provide long term financial piece of mind for European management and their employees. »