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Growth Solutions for American, European and Eurasian Companies

Delivering the American B2B Market to Foreign Manufacturers


Over the years every successful marketing firm finds their niche. In the case of Muir Marketing Solutions that niche became assisting foreign manufacturers to expand in America*. The USA has long been the world's largest, most stable B2B market and foreign manufacturers eventually discover that, on average more than 50% of their potential sales are in America.

International homepage created for
Swedish firefighting equipment manufacturer..

Over the years we have helped "Americanize" the sales and marketing of the following European and Eurasian companies in the USA: Interspiro, Trelleborg and Monark (Sweden), Rollgliss, Giovanola, Collamat/Stralfors and EcoLine (Switzerland), Savox (Finland), MPDV (Germany), Bristol Uniform and Morganite Crucible (England), Gallet Helmets (France), Viking Safety (Denmark), Mindcruncher Software (Washington D.C./Russia) and Aurigma Software (Russia).

Delivering the European and Russian/CIS Markets to American Companies

"Taking Steps to a Brighter Future" billboard appeared on a rotating basis throughout the Georgian countryside.

Perhaps it was a natural step for us to then work for American and "Western" companies seeking expansion in Eurasia. A primary example of this was our consumer outreach campaign for PA Consulting (financed by USAid) promoting the Republic of Georgia's largest electricity provider to rural citizens.

American renewable energy technologies can be profitable in Eurasia even without major government subsidies.


Over the last few years we worked on project development for an association of various renewable energy technology specialists based in America.

Most recently we contracted formerly with RCM Digesters (biogas) of California to direct their business development/sales in Eurasia. RCM is America's oldest major agricultural biogas company (inc.1982) and own 45% of the domestic market as well as completing successful projects in South America, Australia and elsewhere internationally. Their patented and proven technology produces clean natural gas, electricity and heat from such common agricultural wastes as animal manure, meatpacking factories and food processing.

Actually the "us" in "About Us" has changed over the years. We have evolved to the point where we typically assemble custom teams for the unique needs of each client.

Of Note

Jim Muir (right) and Hon. Andrei Dolgorukov, Russia's chief Trade Representative to the USA, at a "Doing Business in Russia" conference in Washington, D.C.

Screen shot from television commercial in the Georgian language (play 30 second commercial) produced by Muir Marketing Solutions International. It was part of Muir's "Taking steps to a Brighter Future" campaign for the nation's largest electric utility located in the capital city of Tbilisi.

Awards given to Muir Marketing Solutions for work in Europe, America and the Caribbean.